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The monthly Rob Goodwin Podcast will appear here regularly, featuring recordings from White Feather plus interviews, opinions and discussions on the latest cutting edge discoveries in the metaphysical arena as well as updates on current world events. You can also listen to the podcast via Buzzsprout , Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, via Amazon 'Alexa' (just say 'Alexa, play the Rob Goodwin Podcast) or your own podcast provider - enjoy!

Current Episode - 1st October 2021

Another fascinating discourse, recorded on August 9th 2021 during which White Feather addresses a small online group based mainly in the USA. In his own inimitable style the spirit sage gives a talk followed by a Q&A session during which he once again demonstrates his versatility in tackling a diverse range of subjects raised by the online participants.

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"Thank you Robert for the podcast I have just listened to. Anyway I find them all so fascinating the way White Feather explains subjects like the brain and it’s pathways to conditioning and that it can be changed as can DNA. The information I find is very uplifting in these times especially and I know we are in for tough times and very sadly have done all I can to inform my sons of the information that we are not getting from main stream media. I cannot persuade them to do their own research to save them from what may happen to them. Nevertheless WF’s words do help tremendously to keep on track with my own spiritual growth. Thank you for what you do for the good of everyone." LH